Sunday, September 27, 2009


It was a nice long weekend in South Africa; Fazzoom and her brood decided to go to Malawi in Africa as their chosen holiday destination.
We saw such pristine and unspoilt beauty as our driver took us to our destination called “Makuzi Beach lodge” and wow it was well worth the five and a half hour drive, on our way there we saw the most fabulous cloth wrapped around women’s bodies as they carried their babies on their backs, also wrapped in fabric (almost like the modern day slings that our western women buy from the posh baby shops) with firewood and buckets of water on their heads. Oh yes, this is untamed beautiful Africa, away from the hustle and bustle of fast city living in Johannesburg. Fazzoom could not get enough of it. . (Our driver Henry did however informed us that he has four wives and twenty kids...apparently not uncommon in the country.) Gosh and for a second Fazzoom forgot that Madonna adopted two babies there.... OK moving on

Lake Malawi is something that you have to see to believe, we arrived at Mukuzi beach lodge late on Thursday evening, and wow we got the most rewarding surprise the next morning, clear water a white sandy beach, and the reflection of the early sun on the lake.
After a lavish and enjoyable holiday, which included dining on the beach, sipping cocktails and going for a horse ride on Kande beach, it was time to head back to Lilongwe, capital of Malawi which boasts a very ummm “old fashioned airport” it all just fits in nicely with the essence of the country. This was Fazzoom’s time to get a taste and also her hands on some of the gorgeous cloth that the women have been wearing around their bodies. Going to the local market was an experience, and just seeing all the gorgeous printed fabric was something else. .. Fazzoom bargained and brought back these fantastic pieces of fabric. Feast your eyes.
(Note that the fabric is not produced in Malawi, they are originally from Tanzania)

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